Bus 680 week 5 exam


Week 5 – Exam

Question 1 

Strategic planning is best defined as 

The development of values and ideals of the organization relevant to long-term objectives.

A process for determining how best to pursue the organization’s mission while meeting the demands of the environment.

The development of relatively short term objectives that meet the executive committee objectives.

The development of a relatively long term mission consistent with internal tactics.

Question 2 

1 / 1 pts 

What are the outcome levels of evaluation identified in the text? 

Utility, value, and evaluative

Reaction, learning, behavior, and organizational results

Cost benefit and cost effectiveness

Proactive and reactive

Question 3 

All aspects of the training program come together in the 

Evaluation phase.

Analysis phase.

Development phase.

Implementation phase.

Design phase.

Question 4 

Which of the following is most appropriate for training interpersonal skills? 

The ice breaker

The business game

The simulator

The case study

Behavior modeling

Question 5 

_____ are measures of the trainee’s perceptions, emotions, and subjective evaluations of the training experience. 

Value outcomes

Organizational results

Job behavior outcomes

Learning outcomes

Reaction outcomes

Question 6 

A basic premise in Social Learning Theory is 

Events can be learned without being processed.

A person can learn merely through observation.

A person can only learn by behaving in some way.

Consequences of behavior do not influence learning.

Question 7 

Which of the following sources is an input to the analysis process? 

The organization structure

The people within the operational areas

Both B & C

All of the above

Question 8 

In response to a TNA, the decision is to “change the job.” This means 

Rewards are not tied to high performance.

There is a KSA deficiency but training is not the most effective solution.

Feedback is not occurring in the present setup.

There are too many obstacles in the system the way the job is currently set up.

Question 9 

When a TNA is conducted, it 

Guarantees that the time and money spent on training is spent wisely.

Determines the benchmark for evaluation of training.

Provides essential information in the implementation of the strategic plan.

Both B & C.

Question 10 

Which of the following is true about OJT? 

OJT generally uses experienced coworkers or supervisors as trainers.

When using the JIT method of OJT, the first step is “Present.”

Most OJT done by small businesses uses the JIT method.

It is one of the more expensive training methods.

Question 11 

Discuss the differences in developing employees for their current job versus for a future job and include an explanation of how the needs analysis differs. 

Question 12 

Succession planning for top executives is very time consuming and expensive to initiate, so many organizations do not have one in place. Also, it is suggested that all the time preparing excellent candidates only results in them leaving the organization if they are not selected for the promotion, which means you helped groom an executive for your competition. Explain why, even given the above, it is a good idea to have such a program in place.

Question 13 

Describe how the model of training processes serves as a problem solving tool. Include a brief explanation of each of the five phases. 

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