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Buddhism Questions

1. the Buddha’s Original Career?

2. the Buddha’s Second Career?

3. the Buddha’s Name?

4. the Enlightened One?

5. the Buddha’s Original Religion?

6. In which Country was Siddhattha Gautama born?

7. Whom did he Meet Beyond the palace walls out in the Real World?

8. the Buddha’s Big Questions?   

9. 1st Noble Truth?   

10. 2nd Noble Truth?   

11. 3rd Noble Truth?   

12. 4th Noble Truth?  

13. the Non-Soul; aka the Human Consciousness?

14. the Moment of Enlightenment or Awakening; Release from the Cycle of Samsara; Moksha or Satori or? _______________________

15. Not Talking about Deities; Not Worshipping; Not Praying; Not Offering Sacrifices?

16. (Hedonism or Pleasure) & (Asceticism or Renunciation)?

17. An Intelligent Way to End Samsara; it Lies between Pleasure & Asceticism

18. No Jobs that are Destructive to Humans & Nature? Proper _______________________________

19. Working Hard to Resist Temptation? Proper _______________________________

20. No Stealing, Killing, Sexual Infidelity, 10 Biblical Commandments? Proper _______________________________

21. Attention to Inner Feelings & Motivations, Society, & the whole Universe (with the Goal of Developing Compassion)?  
Proper _______________________________

22. Focusing on Worthy Goals; Meditation Helps? Proper _______________________________

23. No Lies, Slander, Gossip, Threats, or Harsh Words? Proper _______________________________

24. Reject the False Belief in the Self; Know the 4 Noble Truths? Proper _______________________________

25. Renunciation, Generosity, & Non-Violence? Proper _______________________________