Baines brothers manufactures and sells two products, a and z in the

Baines Brothers manufactures and sells two products, A and Z in the ratio of 4:2. Product A sells for $75; Z sells for $95. Variable costs for product A are $35; for Z $40. Fixed costs are $418,500. Compute the number of units of Product A Baines must sell to break even.







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At Flint Company’s break-even point of 9,000 units, fixed costs are $180,000 and variable costs are $540,000 in total. The unit sales price is:







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Winthrop Manufacturing produces a product that sells for $50.00. Fixed costs are $260,000 and variable costs are $24.00 per unit. Winthrop can buy a new production machine that will increase fixed costs by $11,400 per year, but will decrease variable costs by $3.50 per unit. Compute break-even point in dollars with the purchase of the new machine.







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The least-squares regression method is:

The only identify cost estimation method allowed by GAAP.

A statistical method to identify cost behavior.

A cost estimation method that only uses the two extreme values.

A graphical method to identify cost behavior.

An algebraic method to identify cost behavior.


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In Davis Corporation’s most recent fiscal year, the company reported pretax earnings of $215,000. 

Fixed costs totaled $325,800, the unit selling price of the firm’s only product was $60, and the variable costs per unit were 40% of the selling price. Based on this information, the firm’s break-even point in units was:

15,023 units.

13,575 units.

9,050 units.

8,750 units.

13,750 units.


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The budgeted income statement presented below is for Griffith Corporation for the coming fiscal year. If Griffith Corporation’s income tax rate is 40%, compute the number of units that must be sold in order to achieve a target pretax income of $130,000. (Do not round intermediate calculations.)

sales(50000units) $1,000,000


direct materials $270,000

direct labor 240,000

fixed factory overhead 100,000

variable factory overhead 150,000

fixed marketing costs 110,000

variable marketing costs 50,000 920,000

Pretaxt income $80,000







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A statistical method for deriving an estimated line of cost behavior is the:

High-low method.

Least-squares regression method.

Composite method.

Scatter diagram method.

CVP charting method.


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A cost-volume-profit chart is also known as a(n)

Margin of safety chart.

Sales chart.

Break-even chart.

Operating leverage chart.

Operating profit chart.


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Dunkin Company manufactures and sells a single product that sells for $480 per unit; variable costs are $300. Annual fixed costs are $990,000. Current sales volume is $4,200,000. Dunkin company management targets an annual after-tax income of $843,750. The company is subject to a 25% income tax rate. Compute the dollar sales to earn the target after-tax net income.







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Baines Brothers manufactures and sells two products, A and Z in the ratio of 4:2. Product A sells for $75; Z sells for $95. Variable costs for product A are $35; for Z $40. Fixed costs are $418,500. Compute the contribution margin per composite unit.







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A firm sells two products, A and B. For every unit of A the firm sells, two units of B are sold. The firm’s total fixed costs are $1,612,000. Selling prices and cost information for both products follow. What is the firm’s break-even point in units of A and B?

31,000 of A and 62,000 of B.

31,000 of A and 31,000 of B.

10,333 of A and 20,667 of B.

62,000 of A and 31,000 of B.

36,167 of A and 72,333 of B.


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In cost-volume-profit analysis, the unit contribution margin is:

Sales price per unit less cost of goods sold per unit.

Sales price per unit less total variable cost per unit.

Sales price per unit less unit total cost per unit.

The same as the contribution margin ratio.

Sales price per unit less unit fixed cost per unit.


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Ginger Company’s product has a contribution margin per unit of $11.25 and a contribution margin ratio of 22.5%. What is the selling price of the product?







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The budgeted income statement presented below is for Griffith Corporation for the coming fiscal year. If Griffith Corporation is able to achieve the budgeted level of sales, its margin of safety in dollars would be (Do not round intermediate calculations):







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A product sells for $200 per unit, and its variable costs per unit are $130. The fixed costs are $420,000. What is the break-even point in dollar sales?







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Camden Corporation sells three products (M, N, and O) in the following mix: 3:1:2. Unit price and cost data are:

Unit sales price $7 $4 $6

unit variable costs $3 $2 $3

Total fixed costs are $340,000. The break-even point in sales dollars for the current sales mix is (round to the nearest thousand):







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Select cost information for Winfrey Enterprises is as follows:

Based on this information:

Both direct materials and rent expense are variable costs.

Utilities expense is a mixed cost and rent expense is a variable cost.

Utilities expense is a mixed cost and rent expense is a fixed cost.

Direct materials is a fixed cost and utilities expense is a mixed cost.

Both direct materials and utilities expense are mixed costs.


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If a firm’s forecasted sales are $250,000 and its break-even sales are $190,000, the margin of safety in dollars is:







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Wayward Enterprises manufactures and sells three distinct styles of bicycles: the Youth model sells for $300 and has a unit contribution margin of $105; the Adult model sells for $850 and has a unit contribution margin of $450; and the Recreational model sells for $1,000 and has a unit contribution margin of $500. The company’s sales mix includes: 5 Youth models; 9 Adult models; and 6 Recreational models. If the firm’s annual fixed costs total $6,500,000, calculate the firm’s break-even point in sales dollars.







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A line on a scatter diagram that is intended to reflect the past relation between cost and volume is the:

Break-even line.

Standard cost line.

Estimated line of cost behavior.

Margin of safety line.

Contribution margin line.

Discussion 300 words | Computer Science homework help


What is Ethical Hacking?

Ethical hacking refers to the act of locating weaknesses and vulnerabilities of computer and information systems by duplicating the intent and actions of malicious hackers. Ethical hacking is also known as penetration testing, intrusion testing, or red teaming. An ethical hacker is a security professional who applies their hacking skills for defensive purposes on behalf of the owners of information systems. By conducting penetration tests, an ethical hacker looks to answer the following four basic questions :

What information/locations/systems can an attacker gain access?
What can an attacker see on the target?
What can an attacker do with available information?
Does anyone at the target system notice the attempts?

An ethical hacker operates with the knowledge and permission of the organization for which they are trying to defend. In some cases, the organization will neglect to inform their information security team of the activities that will be carried out by an ethical hacker in an attempt to test the effectiveness of the information security team. This is referred to as a double-blind environment. In order to operate effectively and legally, an ethical hacker must be informed of the assets that should be protected, potential threat sources, and the extent to which the organization will support an ethical hacker’s efforts

System | Nursing homework help


TOPIC;   Hep A Client Care and Education 

please cite and reference this textbook. ( community/public health nursing   promoting the health of populations 7th edition )

use the topic to complete the uploaded form. cite and reference the textbook and you can add any other source 

Migrant workers and immigrants | Nursing homework help

Use the textbook below and other reliable sources to create a 3-5 slide
(plus title slide and reference slide) PowerPoint presentation with the following:

Title:  Migrant Workers and Immigrants

1. Identify how and why they are at risk
2. Determine priority health concerns & other issues
3. List strategies for prevention or nursing actions
4. Include an NCLEX-style at the end of the presentation for the audience on
the content presented. 

Mgmt495 u5db | MGMT495 Business Capstone | Colorado Technical University

Deliverable Length:   300–500 words

As you complete your Capstone course, reflect on the courses within your degree program, the knowledge you have gained, and your next steps as a professional. Please respond to the following questions in the Discussion Board: 

  • How have your coursework and this class changed the way you approach your career? Explain your answer.  
  • What are your 3-month, 1-year, and 5-year professional goals, and how has your experience at CTU prepared you for those?

Mpm344 u5ip | MPM344 Project Risk Management | Colorado Technical University

This week, you will finalize your project risk management plan. You will use the template provided in Unit 1 to complete the items in the Project Risk Communications section.

  • Fill out the communications matrix for communicating the risk elements to your project stakeholders. The matrix should include the following: 
    • Individual stakeholders (who) 
    • Risk content (what) 
    • Method used to transmit the information (how) 
    • Frequency (when) 
    • These items should be specific to each stakeholder. 
  • Write a memo to the project sponsor describing the risk approach, the appropriateness of the risk identification process, an overview of the risk analyses activities, the response strategies you did not use, and improvement ideas to use in future projects.

Click here to download a Word template to complete this assignment.

Soc link1 | Sociology homework help


Prompts/Video Links: 

Living on a Dollar

Prompt: Social Problem Analysis_Living on A Dollar 

Video Link:

The House I Live In

Prompt: The House Prompt

Video Link: to an external site.) 

The 13th

Prompt: The 13th Prompt 

Video Link: Film is available on Netflix or please try this link:

The True Cost

Prompt: True Cost Prompt

Video Link: (Links to an external site.)

Miss Representation

Prompt: Miss Representation Prompt

Video Link: 

White People

Prompt: White People

Video Link:White People | Official Full Documentary | MTV (Links to an external site.)White People | Official Full Documentary | MTV

Stay Woke: The Black Lives Matters Movement

Prompt: Social Problem_Stay Woke  Prompt

Video Link:

Tough Guise 2: Violence, Manhood and American Culture

Prompt: Tough_Guise 2 

Video Link: 

Research no plagerism | Psychology homework help


Dr. Carlos submitted a proposal to conduct an alcohol tolerance study with mice. He will have to inject mice with alcohol and then test them. Dr. Carlos has decided to euthanize the mice at the end of the study. He also wishes someone to volunteer the use of their pet for this research in return for some monetary compensation. Discuss:

  • What ethical and safety issues might arise when conducting such a study? What do you think the institutional review board at Dr. Carlos’ university will be most concerned about? Explain at least three areas of concern and why the reviewers might be concerned about the stated issues.
  • It is common for participants to be compensated for their participation in research. Do you think this influences their behaviors or responses? Use the University Online Library to investigate whether there is evidence regarding the influence of compensation on participants’ participation. Find two articles and submit summaries of each of them.
  • Participants should be told they have a right to stop their participation in a study at any point in the study. Do you agree or disagree on whether this should be done or not? Why? Do you think they should still be able to receive the promised monetary compensation if they leave early?
  • Using the  University Online Library, research two examples of historical situations in which participants were not told that they had the right to stop their participation at any point. Use at least three references for each.

The role of principleship | Education homework help


You are the new Superintendent of the district mentioned in the article below. explain how you would address the problems mentioned in the article.

Metacognitive activity 3 | Biology homework help


Metacognition Activity #3

Write a 1 page test wrapper reflection on your last two test. Use the following questions as possible prompts to reflect on your test performance. Please answer one to two questions from each section (preparation for the tests, planning, performance, and next steps). Please use single (or 1.5) line spacing, 1 inch margins, and 12 point standard font (Ariel, Times New Roman, Calbri, etc.) and write in full sentences in paragraph format.