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Physiological changes occur throughout our lives and can have significant effects on our self-esteem. Some of these changes can be more significant than others. As argued in Chapter 4 of the course textbook, physical events that occur during our life (i.e., puberty, loss of senses, illness) may have physiological effects.

Using the theoretical knowledge you have gained from your required reading for this week, discuss a time in life, based on personal or vicarious experiences, when you felt that physical changes were most impactful to you (early childhood, middle childhood, young adulthood, middle age). Share only information that you are comfortable with, or you may use another’s experiences or a fictitious example.

Consider the following questions as you discuss:

  • Do you believe neural plasticity was a significant variable during this chosen stage of your (or another’s) life? Why or why not?
  • Did synaptic pruning, based on this event, alter the way you now view the world? If so, what about your worldview changed? Explain.
  • Did the event shape who you are as a person (your identity)?
  • Based on your knowledge and your experiences, indicate the advice you might give to someone who is experiencing something similar?
    • What ethical considerations are associated with the advice you give?

Be sure to cite the textbook within your writing, when appropriate, supporting your assertions and advice to another.

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Shriner and Shriner (2014) state that

“Teenagers who have close relationships with their parents are less likely to initiate sexual activity at an early age (Bynum, 2007). Further, parents who have a good line of com­munication with their adolescents seem to delay the onset of sexual activity as well (Aspy et al., 2007)”. (Shriner & Shriner, 2014, section 10.2, para. 11)

This is further substantiated by additional research, located in your required resources: Sutton, Lasswell, Lanier, and Miller’s (2014).

  • Based on your personal and vicarious experiences, assess whether you agree with this research or not. Support your explanation with supporting examples or with scholarly citations.
  • Describe a real-life event that could interfere with the research findings. (Example: Sarah recently lost her grandmother and has felt very sad. She finds this subject hard to talk to her parents about. There is also a boy who has given her a great amount of attention lately and seems open to listening to her.) Share only information that you are comfortable with, or you may use another’s experiences or a fictitious example.

Before you submit your discussion, you are encouraged to review the Writing Center’s Grammarly (Links to an external site.) page, which includes a link to The Grammarly Guide (Links to an external site.), set up a Grammarly account (if you have not already done so), and use Grammarly to review a rough draft of your assignment. Then, carefully review all issues identified by Grammarly and revise your work as needed

Peer Responses: Review several of your classmates’ posts. Provide a substantive response to at least two of your peers, at least one of whom was assigned the content area different from yours, in a minimum of 300 words (each reply), by Day 7 (Monday). Based on your understanding of the reading, add important information to the conversation. Are there additional things that should be discussed about this content? How does this content support our understanding of human development?

Instructor Responses: Review any instructor feedback on your postings. Often feedback is shared to help you to elevate your level of critical thought or make corrections. Reply based on this feedback to advance your understanding of the content addressed.

Observe the following guidelines for all responses:

  • Remember that discussion forums should be conversations; dialogue is encouraged throughout the course.
  • Provide a courteous and interactive learning environment.
  • Continue to monitor this discussion through 5:00 p.m. (Mountain Time) on Day 7 of the week and reply to anyone (instructor or classmate) who has chosen to respond to your original post.
  • Your grade will reflect the quality of your initial post, the depth of your peer replies, and your active support of forum dialogue.
  • Your responses should demonstrate that you have read the existing replies on the board. (In your response, mention information and viewpoints already expressed by existing responses to the same post.)


Important two part assignment | Law homework help

This assignment has two components: a summary component and an analysis component.

Each component should at minimum be 2 pages long.

You may write the assignment as a Memo to someone who is in charge of a non-profit concerned with issues of democracy such as the United States Institute of Peace or the American Civil Liberties Union, but you don’t have to write it that way if doing so confuses you.

Part 1 of the assignment is to summarize two chapters from How Democracies Die (this section will be worth half of your assignment grade):

You must choose at least one of the following chapters: 4, 5 or 9 (these chapters cover international cases)

You may choose any other chapter as a second chapter (the other chapters mostly cover America)

You can bullet-point your summaries, but please make sure to separate the chapters

You must use some quotes and some paraphrases

Please cite the text appropriately

Part 2 of the assignment is to analyze the summaries that you included. Analysis involves breaking down an issue in order to evaluate it with the goal of discovering new connections. Analysis can involve comparison, evaluation and linking an issue to a broader context or significance. You may add information from the rest of the book in this section (meaning the parts of the book you didn’t summarize), but please make sure to focus on what you did summarize. Please note the following in your analysis section (which will be worth the other half of your grade). This section should be written in paragraph/essay form not as a series of short-answer responses:

What ramifications does the summary information/data have for the future of democracy in the world and in America?

What is the significance of this information?

What findings/discoveries/new knowledge arise from a comparison of the information from the two chapters? (And if you want, what findings arise from adding other information from the book?)

What findings arise when you add new information from outside sources (like the news) to the summary information?

Evaluate whether you think this is a critical issue for the future of the world and for people like you and explain why. (Here you can touch on the whole book in addition to your summaries if you would like).

Is it too easy to undo democracy? If so, what safeguards are needed?

Case study analysis | Reading homework help

Your Assignment is to “Reflect on the research and planning cycle and how it was used within FedEx. Could the same results have been achieved without research informing their messaging along the way?

Your Analysis should use the Case format we have been using in class: Problem, Background, Solution, Outcome. 

The problem is already stated at the end of the essay, which is ”  

Reflect on the research and planning cycle and how it was used within FexEx. Could the same results have been achieved without research informing their messaging along the way?”

1 to 1/2 pages, 1.5 line spacing.

i have attached the essay and the planning cycle here. 

Essay discussion | English homework help


⁞ Essay Writing Tips

Choose either Topic 1 or Topic 2. To answer these topics completely, it takes a minimum of 350 words

⁞ Topics for your Essay, Choose one

Topic 1:

What is the conservative argument against abortion? What is the  liberal argument against abortion? Why is person hood such an important  concept in the abortion debate? Which view do you find most plausible  and why?


Topic 2:

Which view of sexual behavior (conventional, liberal or moderate)  come closest to your own perspective? What are your reasons for favoring  it?.

Sport and development: working in communities | sport Development and management


1. Correctly identify and demonstrate a detailed knowledge of   appropriate theories informing sport development particularly in regard to   their foundational   sociological and social psychological perspectives and their application to   community sport and sport for development settings and contexts.

2. Apply theories of   sport development and their allied conceptual frameworks to the analysis of   the practical demands of working in community sport and development contexts. 

2000 words 

Pain assessment | Nursing homework help

Identify a family member or a friend, not a client, and conduct a pain assessment using the COLDERR approach/questions. Write a brief summary of what you found and identify two nursing non-pharmacological interventions that you might recommend.

Please follow steps.

Difference between research and quality improvement

Describe the difference between research and quality improvement. Provide a workplace example where qualitative and quantitative research is applied and how it was used within your organization. When replying to peers, discuss how these research findings might be incorporated into another health care setting.

Examining using games to simulate complex systems

Examining using games to simulate complex systems

Post a thread comparing the benefits of single and multi-player games to simulate complex systems.  In our post, describe the advantages of each method.

1 Page without reference

Scholarly references needed

75-100 discussion question | Computer Science homework help


Each week, you will be asked to respond to the prompt or prompts in the discussion forum. Your initial post should be 75-150 words in length, and is due on Sunday. By Tuesday, you should respond to two additional posts from your peers. 

How-To Teaching Tips

This week’s discussion consists of two parts. Both parts are required:

Part One: Re-read one of the how-to essays in the textbook and identify as many of the Eight Teaching Tips as you can. List any tips the essay doesn’t use.

You may use the same essay you picked last week or one of the others from the following list:

  • “Your First Kill” by Aaron Kenedi (p. 232)
  • “The Semi-Sweet Science” by Oscar Villalon (p. 234)
  • “How to Feed a Fish” by Isabelle Wattenberg (p. 237)
  • “How to be Younger” by Laura Kate James (p. 352)
  • “Scratch that Itch” by Bennett Lindsey (p. 355)
  • “The Sprout Route” by Winston Bell (p. 356)
  • “Why Falling in Love Feels so Good” by Judy Krause (p. 358)

Alternative: Go to YouTube and look up a “How to” video (type “How to” in YouTube’s search engine, and many will pop up). Watch a short video—no more than 10 minutes–and identify as many of the Eight Teaching Tips as you can. Note any of the tips not used in the video. Include a link to your video or embed the video in your post.

Part Two: Tell the class the topic of your how-to essay and ask them to generate every possible question they would like answered or that other readers might like answered in your essay.

In your responses, did you notice any other teaching tips present or absent (Part 1)? Also, generate as many questions as you can for your classmates’ essays (Part 2).

Museum visit | World history homework help


In next week’s assignment, you will visit a museum or gallery or create your very own online museum for others to enjoy. To prepare for this, discuss why museums and galleries matter in our modern world. Outside of preservation, why is it essential that we support museums and galleries? Museums and galleries matter in our modern world not only for preservation but for many other reasons. Museums help us to take a look into the past.  

At least 125 words.