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Title. Behavioural Economics

Presentation of the concept. It explains what this new concept consists of, where it comes from, and what are the essential or differentiating elements or proposals it brings. It uses the necessary literature and research from secondary sources to understand the degree of maturity of the concept in the expansion curve.

This section may contain the following points:

  • The current situation of the concept investigated.
  • Theoretical background and previous concepts from which it derives. Theoretical results of the bibliographic and documentary review that
    underpin the research carried out.

• Consider the key concepts and definitions of the topic in question.

Impact on Market Research. Reflection on the impact that the development of this new concept has on the usual practice of market research.

Taking into account the knowledge gained in Market Research and Trend Search and Analysis, this section may contain answers to questions such as the following:

  • –  How has market research changed with the introduction of this concept?
  • –  How do you complement traditional market research tools?
  • –  Which areas of research knowledge have helped you complete better?
  • –  What new applications and areas of research have emerged as a result
    of this new concept, which with traditional tools could not be covered or were more limited in information?
    Practical applications. Explain practical examples of the application of the concept. This section may contain
    • Real cases of companies applying these concepts within your organization.

• Market research that has used these concepts in its methodology. In all cases, it must contain a final reflection on the usefulness and benefits of

using that concept.

Bibliography. Quote APA style.

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