Barriers to critical thinking: identify and be rid of them

HUM/114      Barriers to Critical Thinking: Identify and Be Rid of Them

Write a 50 to 100 word short-answer response for the following: 8 discussions


(1)       Explain whether you believe that the research strategies lawyers are using to select the “right” jury for their cases are undermining the fairness of the justice system.


Imagine that you were in the position of the U.S. president at the time, Harry Truman. Explain what action you would have taken with respect to the atomic bombs and explain the rationale for your decision.


(3) How do you come across to your audience, and what can you do to improve the clarity of your message?


(4)Assessing Your Strategies and Creating New Goals How Effective a Communicator Am I?


(5) What is your definition of a “family”? Describe your experiences as a family member growing up—what people comprised your family? Did the configuration of your family change over time?


(6) Your ability to think critically gives you the means to examine the different ways by which you are making sense of the world so that you can develop and sharpen your understanding.


(7) Identify some of your favorite metaphors which you use in your communications with others and explain their effectiveness. For example, what’s the difference between saying that “you were involved in a stimulating discussion” and saying that “you felt like your head was so filled with ideas it was threatening to explode”?

(8) What Is Ethics?