Attending online group discussion and writing reflection

1) Attending  online group discussion instead  of me (Please turn off your webcam). Blow are information of meeting.

To attend your live event on Saturday 11/11/2017 9:00am , please use the following link: 


Before the Live Event

  1. Read the case study pdf   Before you participate with your colleagues in the hiring committee, prepare for the meeting by studying the case study and thoroughly familiarizing yourself with the company, members of the team, and the candidates for hire at
  2. Read pages 94–103 in Chapter 5, “Relating to Others in Groups and Teams” to familiarize yourself with the roles and norms.
  3. Additional suggested reading:
    • “Preparing to Collaborate,” Chapter 4, pages 71–76
    • “Listening,” Chapter 7, pages 146–150
    • “Making Decisions and Solving Problems,” Chapter 10, pages 233–237
  4. Review the post-event reflection questions. After the live event, you will reflect on your participation with questions that are designed to help you connect concepts with your real-time experience. Reviewing the post-event reflection questions before the event will help you to plan your communication during the event.

During the Live Event

Your group should aim to complete the assignment within 1 hour. The assignment will conclude when your group has come to consensus on who to hire as the new life coach for Waking Up, Incorporated.

  1. Greet your group. Engage in moderate self-disclosure by meeting your group, stating the role you will be playing, and establishing your expectations for this event. Notice how this begins the forming and norming stage.
  2. Play your role. After introductions have been made, it is time to start work as the hiring committee to select a candidate for hire. During this process, you need to obviously play the role you selected during registration. You may support your role with your comments. For example, use comments similar to “As the initiator, I think the group should…” or “This is Jane, the energizer,” or “That is a great idea!” Remember, this event is your practice area. Be bold in your role!
  3. Select a candidate for hire. This process can take any number of shapes, depending on how your group decides to work together. Items to consider may include, but are not limited to the following:
    • Developing norms for your group’s discussion
    • Crafting an agenda for the discussion
    • Deciding on criteria to use to evaluate candidates
    • Considering decision-making techniques
  4. Notice communication concepts. While you are participating, consider what you have learned in COM230 thus far. Specific concepts you may consider include roles, norms, small group communication theory, goals, and attraction.
  5. Conclude the event. After the group has selected a candidate to hire, take a few minutes to reflect on the group experience with your colleagues. Questions your group may consider include items such as these:
    • Were you satisfied with this group experience?
    • What small group communication concepts did you notice during this process?
    • How easy or difficult was it to play a role?
    • What could make the process easier the next time?
    • What norms developed during the conversation?

2) After the Live Event

Complete the Post-Event Reflection Questions blow:

1. Summarize your experience in this live event by stating what role you played and use specific examples to describe how you played that particular role.  

2. Evaluate how well your group worked together using Schutz’s theory of inclusion, control, and affection.  Use specific examples from your participation to explain your assertions.

3. Using Tuckman’s stages of group formation and specific examples, describe the progression of the event from greeting your group members, to selecting which candidate to hire, to concluding the meeting.

4. Was your group successful in establishing mutuality of concern?  Why or why not?  Use specific examples from your participation to explain your assertions.

5. Describe at least three factors of interpersonal and group attraction you noticed among your group members.  How did these attractions impact the group’s performance? Use specific examples from your participation to explain your assertions.

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