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IS 362 incorporates a project of developing a working database that is PC based. That is, during the term, the students will systematically work their way through the concept formation, logical design including normalization, and physical design and implementation including building forms and reports using an instructor approved database management system (DBMS). In each unit a new set of activities in this development will be assigned to evolve the final working database.

Getting Started

This is to be designed and developed on a database that the students have access to, so if you do not have access to a database such as MS Access (inside or separate from the MS Office suite), then they can obtain a copy bundled with MS Office Pro Plus for a few dollars from the Park affiliated JourneyEd software site ( (Links to an external site.)) or call 1-877-693-7763.

This site is used for sale and distribution of software to Park University faculty, staff, and students. Of course there are many DBMSs that are acceptable including FileMaker Pro, PC-DBMS, OpenOffice’s Base, and MySQL, many are free downloadable or have a free trial period. But whichever DBMS is submitted by the student and approved by the instructor, it is the student’s responsibility to become proficient in the DBMS on their own (we don’t have time to teach a class in any DBMS during this term). For students without previous DBMS experience, it is recommended that they utilize a DBMS which operates on a PC, has wizards and a GUI interface for the user, and has tutorials available online either free or at low cost (like MS Access).

Project Requirements

The only requirements are that you must use a DBMS system (no spreadsheets like MS Excel), that there are at least three real tables (after modeling in 3rd normal form), and at least 10 attributes. Of course more attributes and tables are OK, but this is the minimum allowed. And this must be a database developed from scratch, not an implementation of an already designed or implemented database.


For the Unit 1 activity, the student is required to consider what the theme or application they want to develop a database in. It should be something that is useful, or needed, either at home or at their job. Previous courses have had almost every application imaginable from an inventory system for household possessions (this comes in handy when moving or if you experience a loss (theft or fire), to a system to organize videos/DVDs/and music, to a system for keeping track of business/travel expenses, to various personnel tracking/locating systems, to almost countless database applications specific to work, etc.

Submit Activity

Submit a description of your proposed database application, some examples of potential attributes, your proposed DBMS, and a description of your DBMS experience/proficiency (novice, some experience, expert). Send all this to me in one file.