Assignment 1: self- and observer assessment surveys


Note: This assignment should not be completed until after this module’s journal entry has been submitted.

Self-assessments foster self-reflection and can provide you with a starting point for taking action to improve leadership effectiveness. In this activity, you will have the opportunity to collect both your own perceptions of your leadership effectiveness and those of several other observers. You will use this information to analyze, reflect on, and develop your leadership effectiveness throughout the course.

You will need to refer to the following resources to complete this assignment:

1. Leader Instructions for Completing LPI 360 Online document

2. The LPI: 25 Years of Inspiration and Research presentation

3. Observer Email Template document

4. Instructions for Completing LPI 360 Online document

5. Northouse Observer Assessment for Females document 

6. Northouse Observer Assessment for Males document

This assignment is ungraded but the completion of self-assessment and observer assessments will be monitored by the instructor and is required for assignments in the subsequent modules.

To successfully complete this assignment, view the Self- and Observer Assessment Surveys document.