Anthropology exam | Antropology | Nazareth College of Rochester



Chapter 4 Language

· Characteristics of language

· Language and power (examples along racial and gender lines)

· Code switching

· Language & thought (Sapir-Whorf hypothesis)

· Types of non-verbal communication (Ottenheimer)

· Globalization and language

Chapter 5 Race & racism

· History of the construction of race

· Critiques of the biological claims of race

· Types of racism

· Whiteness and white supremacy

· Intersectionality of race and other identities

· Application of frameworks and perspectives on race and racism to analyze the differential exposures to and impacts of COVID-19

Chapter 6 Ethnicity & nationalism

· Definition of ethnicity

· Construction of ethnic identities

· How ethnic identities are constructed and maintained

· Ethnicity and nationhood

· Ethnicity as a source of conflict – examples

· Ethnicity as a source of opportunities – examples

· Definition of nationalism

Chapter 7 Gender

· Definitions of gender and sex

· The cultural construction of gender – at home, school, etc.

· Performing gender

· Demonstrate an understanding of the relationship between gender and power – with examples

· Impact of globalization on gender relations