Alcohol abuse in american indians/native american populations.

 Social and Political Sciences
Alcohol Abuse in American Indians/Native American Populations.
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1) select 3 peer-reviewed articles
2) introduce your topic using only the selected papers, summarize what is known about how the issue comes about, or occurs in a Native American community.
3) discuss how many Native Americans are impacted by the issue – use the articles you’ve selected to report this information. Your article authors should have a statement or section of their article that reports the rate of the problem/topic within the US or Canadian Native American population or they should state why it is not easy to estimate how widespread the issues are.
4) report what your article authors report as the solution to addressing the problem or issue to reduce the problem in Native people or communities. Use subtitles to make sure you’ve addressed each section of the requirements for the paper. Make sure that you are referencing all authors you are citing in the paper.
5) End your paper with a brief summation of your major findings during this process
6) always include an APA style reference list at the end of your papers.

Do not include the articles listed below as a reference:

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Also, Do not use any sources from Weaver, Hilary.