African women and music | World history homework help


Volume 13 (2008)-

Stein Hunt, Danica L. “The Changing Role of Women in African Music “Ufahamu: A Journal of African Studies, 21(1-2)

Remi Akujobi “Motherhood in African Literature and Culture” CLCWeb: Comparative Literature and Culture ISSN 1481-4374

Ukadike, N. Frank “Reclaiming Images of Women in Films from Africa and the Black Diaspora”  (pages 1-

 Watch the films “Faat Kine” and “The Troublemaker (1),” “My Nigerian Wife meets my London Wife” (1)                               

 QUESTION: identify at least four ways in which tradition and culture both support and obstruct women’s participation in public life, the arts (e.g., in music) and economic development in Africa.

  • Cite examples from the readings and films
  • Your answer should also draw examples from at least two other themes which highlight how women’s livelihoods are affected by their social circumstances.
  • Additionally, describe how they can employ their agency to empower themselves irrespective of the circumstances they find themselves in.

 5- double spaced pages