Add 500 words for q 2 to q5


The purpose of this assignment is to practice leadership communication skills.

As a project manager, the ability to lead others in an ethical manner is key to successful project management and completion. All projects present ethical dilemmas and potential legal issues that, if handled poorly, could result in project failure.

Using the case study selected for the previous assignments, review the “Deliverable: A Time for Leadership” content at the end of Chapter 10 in the textbook for either the “Husky Air – Pilot Angels” or the “The Martial Arts Academy – School Management System.”

Use what you have learned about leadership strategies to address Questions 1-5 in a 250-500 word paper.

I have the answer to the first question.  you can take care of the rest of the 5questions for the 500 words, please. 

Also, please check out the new rubric attached. 

Please let me know by what time it will be done. I don’t want to be late for the submission.

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