A lan and a wan may be differentiated by


1. A LAN and a WAN may be differentiated by the types of media and devices used, by the distance over which they operate, by the network and subnet topology, and by the dominant communication protocols. Describe how LANs and WANs differ in each of these aspects.

2. Create a table to compare Novell, Windows, Mac, Unix, and Linux server operating systems. You should identify the most recent server operating system for each to consider. For Linux and Unix which have multiple variants, you may choose one current server variant. Include practical considerations such as cost as well as functional considerations.

3. You are hired by a firm that has offices in Peru, France, United States and Hungary. Your job is to coordinate a team of IT employees to connect all of the individual sites into one large WAN. Explain what the personnel implications are when setting up a WAN on a global basis. What are some of the barriers involved with global teams?

4. For the network that you have chosen to characterize, identify all items (peripheral devices, data, applications, access points, etc) being shared by users on the network. Explain how each is shared.