9 – social science (2 questions 300 word essay each)

Please choose TWO (2) questions from the list below.  Then, for each question, write a short essay of at least 300 words.  Make sure to cite your textbook in the essay according to APA guidelines.  Your citations should include the page number in the text and proper quotation marks.  Your essays should include proper sentence structure, spelling, and grammar.


1.   In chapter eight, you learned about different theories explaining the possible causes for deviant behavior.  Consider the theories of differential association, control, and labeling.  Define these three theories, and explain how each theory may contribute to deviant behavior.


2.   Choose one notable theorist from the text, and discuss his or her major theory and/or their major contribution to the field of Sociology in great detail.  For example, Karl Marx and Conflict Theory, or Max Weber and his thoughts on “value free” research.



3.   In this course, you have learned that education is not equal opportunity to everyone within the United States.  List two reasons why this is so and discuss these reasons.  Then, using either reasoning from the Conflict Perspective, the Feminist Perspective, or the Functionalist Perspective, discuss the roadblocks to education within the United States.




*** DUE IN 8 HOURS ***