8 page double spaced paper

Substance Abuse Assessment Reflection Paper:

– Integrate at least 2 facts related to alcohol use and college students. Fact must be from a credible source and must be from a time frame of 2013-2015. Facts must be properly cited.

– Describe in detail what happened that resulted in you being charged with a violation of the Code and how the University’s policies about alcohol apply to your situation.

– Describe your level of responsibility for the situation that resulted in you being charged with a violation of the Code.

– Describe the risks associated with being under the influence of alcohol, including the impact of alcohol on your behavior throughout this situation.

– Describe how your alcohol use put your experiences at WFU at risk, whether academically, socially, financially, or otherwise.

– Describe the impact, if any, of your actions on each of the following: you, your friends, your family, police, staff, others present or not present, and the community as a whole.

– Will what you have learned from this experience impact how you approach situations involving alcohol in the future? Why or why not?

– Describe how your ability to succeed will be impacted if you choose to continue violating the University’s policies on alcohol. Be sure to include the potential consequences for your personal safety, academic goals, career goals, and social relationships.

– If you were in this situation again, what would you do? What would you consider in making your decisions?

– Discuss your decisions in relation to your personal values.

– Discuss your decisions in relations to your organization’s values (Sigma Nu).

– Discuss how you will avoid future violations of the Code.

– What did you learn about yourself from the Substance Abuse Assessment?

– Were you surprised about any of the information you learned from the assessment and/or interacting with Mr. Abernathy?

– What are suggestions from the assessment will be begin to incorporate into your alcohol use routine?

– What specifics about your drinking habits do you feel need to change?

– What have you learned about yourself as a result of your behaviors and your interaction with the disciplinary process at WFU?