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Write a critical evaluation of your learning outcome. In your response, consider:

Course Name: Managerial Finance 

1. Consider the content of this class as they relate to financial acuity and managerial decision making.

2. Base on the course content, discuss the new skills you acquired from this class?

3. How would you apply your new knowledge of your current and/or future profession?



Importance of the managerial finance:

Learning outcomes are the statements and objects which are the outcomes and the result of the class at the time of end of class or course. What are the things learnt by the students and how it will be useful to their future profession known as the reflections or the outcomes. Suppose let us consider I have completed a course related to the managerial finance. The topics which have been covered by the lectures is like financial acuity and managerial decision making. At the end of the course I understood that the word financial acuity is important professional course must and should for the today’s economy. The work acuity represents that taking better or good decisions in order to get better outcomes. Financial acuity is the training and it provides the skills like taking better business decisions and how to improve the organization when it gets disasters. When we could not take these types of trainings we may take a poor business planning’s which may leads to get loss. By this knowledge we can decide and can be analyzable about the financial related accounts. From the word financial acuity, financial acumen comes which means it is a structure which consists of three main important pillars like global quality, finance and business quality. Managerial finance is the important term which will get to know that the responsibilities of the business manager 

Topics Learnt from managerial finance:                          

 By the end of the course they may get to know about the cash flows, profits, cash out flows, inflows and financial conditions of the organizations. Management decision making involves mainly five steps like establishing the objectives, defining a problem, identifying the alternative solutions for the problems, evaluating alternative courses of the action, implementing the decisions. Decision making plays a key role in the business because based on decisions the company standards will going to maintain. The enterprises should be maximizing the profit levels. The second step is to make or defining the problem 

 The identification of a particular problem is also a critical situation, when we identify the problem perfectly then only we can decide how it can resolve or rectify as early as possible. The solution for the problem has to be decided from the disaster recovery plans. The solution should be like in order to improve the profits to the organization. The problems may be arrived by the many reasons like poor labor, machinery related problems or it may the other reasons. The problem should be identified correctly. The next procedure is to decide the alternatives for the problems, the alternatives are many so you have to decide the correct procedure which will be suited for the particular disaster or problem in order to rectify the problem



The skills acquired

            Decisions regarding an organization finances should be taken seriously hence financial acumen in an organization is very important.  In order for an organization to be successful therefore each employee must understand the amount of money that the company makes.  If employees are not provided with adequate training on financial acuity there is a high likelihood that there will be poor decisions made.  Financial acumen is like skills which can be learned and it’s important as it provides integrity of numbers since each person is using similar stick. 

            In this course I have acquire both skills and knowledge regarding managerial finance.  Firstly, I have learnt how I can improve financial acumen strategic engagement increment.  I have learnt how important it is increase financial confidence and financial understanding. I have also learnt how to interpret and analyze data of the major performance indicators (Williams et al, 2005). Most importantly, I have also mastered the skills of engaging in strategic conversations. Concerning how to manage finances I have acquired several skills on the same which includes making a budget and making sure that I stick to it.  I have also learnt how work with my partners in order to attain similar financial goals.

Applying the skills and the knowledge learnt

            The skills I have I learnt in this course are going to learn I am going to apply them in my future career. With the skills I have learnt I can use to persuade and influence other people that am working with.   In order to ensure that as a chosen leader I make the right financial decisions I have exceptional leadership skills where I will have to collaborate and work harmoniously with my juniors (Gitman, Juchau & Flanagan, 2015).   I will also use the skills learnt to the skills learn to solve financial problems while at the same time converting these problems to an opportunity and a benefit.



Financial analysis, financial management concept introduction, financial and valuation of security, the statements of financial, and the cash and depreciation flows are the concepts related to the managerial finance. The organization forecasting and planning finance returns and risks, capital cost and the capital budgeting are also included (T. Clarke, 2009). During the analysis of the financial statements, the manager sharpness and accuracy is referred to the financial acuity. For the organization, the best important course of action is acuteness. For instance, replacing the old asset with the new one requires acuity where the machine durability, costs of consideration, etc. are considered.

To the contribution of managerial decisions, financial management is crucial and in acquiring the informed decisions the various alternatives to business and projects are faced by organization managers. The methods of best discounting are adopted by the organization and the projects remain sustainable containing the PI and positive NPV. The skills of accounting are essential in financial management where the financial statements prepared by the organization are analyzed. The statements of financial include the cash flow and the statements of income in determining the organization levels of liquidity, profitability, etc. for accurately analyzing the situations the skills of analytical is required such as organization various options analyzing and organization prospects forecasting. The best course of action content is delivered to the top management by the skills of communication which is the most essential skill. The reports of the company are portrayed through this skill (W. Doyle, 2011).

To the organization I’m employed I will apply the acquired new knowledge through the course of managerial finance. For the organization in evaluating the organizations forecasting, business, and projects the best standard is selected with the help of my knowledge. To improve the productivity and the performance of the organization I will use the knowledge in strategies of financial management formulation.