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Written Discussion: Public Speaking as “Dialogue”

Chapter 1: Why Public Speaking Matters Today,   you’ll want to spend time reflecting back and developing your understanding of the “Dialogic Theory of Public Speaking” in Section 1.2. The following video will also help to reinforce your learning:

Please watch short video below


Ultimately, you’ll need to formulate your reaction to the following prompts:

  • What did you discover about the Dialogic Theory of Public Speaking?  Explain what you understand about it. In your own words share what you have learned about this theory. 
  • Why do you think this theory could be considered the cornerstone to our approach to public speaking? (Support your insight with personal perspectives as well as support from this portion of the text.) 
  • How do you foresee the Dialogic Theory of Public Speaking influencing your ability to plan, develop, and present speeches in this class and beyond? 

Create a minimum of 3 paragraphs– one paragraph of 10-12 sentences per bullet point. FYI: Your text provides more detail on Dialogic Theory so feel free to use both resources when building your discussion. 

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