3 pages question 6 and 7 case assignment 1 | american food suppliers

Please respond question 6 and 7 of the picture attached 

The answers to the questions should include a definition of terms, analysis of the applicable
accounting and/or audit rules that may apply and an analysis of the question using the rules and
the facts.  This may require the team to do some research.  This case provides research in the
Reference section at the end of the case.  That will give you a good start.
Also, you should integrate into the answers the concepts that you are learning from the in-class
readings where applicable.  Do the reading on conspiracy and mail and wire fraud; department of justice policy and the
federal sentencing guidelines have application to Q. #7?

These are just an examples.  It is not enough to simply brainstorm the case and submit some
ideas.  However, I do expect your thoughts, ideas and analysis to accompany your research and
readings in the answers.