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Charles, age 47, was just informed that his job as manager of quality metrics, will be eliminated after his current company merges with another company. Charles has been with his company for 22 years after he completed his master’s program in Statistics and Computation. Over the years, he has had a number of positions which were all in the sales or quality assurance department until he was promoted to manager 10 years ago. Charles was considered a very good leader by his direct-reports with regard to being open to ideas, willingness to mentor subordinates who wanted to progress in their careers, and the ability to pay close attention to the details that would impact the bigger picture in his department. Charles is now trying to figure out his next steps and wonders if this is a time for him to change careers, though he is concerned about financial support for his family. What other information would you want to know to help Charles explore his options? What interventions do you see as viable to help Charles in deciding to change careers? What job search methods will you promote for Charles to use? What challenges do you anticipate will occur as Charles goes through his job transition?

200 words with at least 1 in text citation

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