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Choose one quotation (of any length) from Part 4 or 5 of Erika Lee’s book and discuss where and why you think it should be presented outside this / an Asian American Studies course. Essentially, what is your takeaway from that portion of Erika Lee’s The Making of Asian America: A History, what are the words that helped you learn anything in MAA, whom would you like to also learn those things, and why. Write one paragraph to introduce the essay and then present the quote before discussing. Excellent essays will provide all the necessary context for the quote, will describe real-world actions that correspond to the lesson learned, and will connect to specific events outside of those discussed in class.

Present quotation as the example below shows. While your writing should be double spaced, please keep the quotations in block format and single-spaced.

“Along with their work, families, associations and communities, another

central aspect of South Asian American life . . . was the Indian nationalist

movement. . . . They made donations, joined the Ghadar Party, and the

movement spread.” (p. 1)

Then discuss the quotation. If it is shorter than three lines, there is no need to use the ellipses. Discuss the ideas that the quotation communicates to you and why you think it is important for the audience you choose to learn these ideas. For instance, you might argue that it would be important for contemporary South Asian American community leaders to learn that earlier South Asian immigrants in the Americas saw nationalist organizing as central to their lives. You would then explain why you think that, writing, for instance, that contemporary South Asian American leaders seem reluctant to confront issues in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and elsewhere, but that they should take inspiration from the earlier immigrants. Finally, for each quotation, please explicate the quotation to show your readers how the words from the quoted passage communicate those ideas.

2 page minimum, 3 page maximum.