2 diffrent 1 same subject need 1-2 para on both


  • Research the Internet for the web sites of groups and individual consultants to learn about the services consultants offer and create a list of them. Pay special attention to whether the practitioners offer evidence to support the services they are promoting. You will use this information in this week’s discussions, which concern preparing for work in consulting psychology and for which you will need examples of actual consulting psychologists.
    Use the Psychology Research Guide in the Capella library to search for additional resources. This guide will help you find research articles in several psychology specializations as well as direct you to the websites of key organizations in various areas of psychology.
  • Write Your Discussion Post
    Consulting and You
    Psychology is broad in scope, offering multiple paths for using your knowledge and skills. It may be helpful to begin thinking about your career aspirations while in graduate school: early preparation may result in opportunities. Based on the Lowman and Hedge readings and additional research as needed, address the following in your initial discussion post:
    • Describe your ideal path as a consulting psychologist.
    • Describe the type of services you would provide.
    • Describe how you would evaluate your effectiveness.
    • Also, describe what you hope to learn in the course. What will help you the most in preparing to start a consulting practice?

You cannot succeed if you try to provide all services to everyone. Successful consulting psychologists narrow their services—and often their client bases.

Having a successful model can help you shape your vision for your consulting practice. This assignment helps prepare you for your first assignment in Week 5, in which you describe your consulting practice.

  • Search the Internet for the website of a successful consulting psychologist and provide a reference with the URL.
  • Describe the focus of this consultant’s practice and what appeals to you about their work.
  • Describe what you liked about the consultant’s website.
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