12 page paper due tuesday night


Finding an RFP for Your Analysis

Your charge is to identify, use, and learn from some existing sources by going to the sites listed below to find a procurement document you will use for your analysis.

Note: You will not be creating an RFP or responding to an RFP. You will be evaluating, summarizing and providing your analysis of an existing RFP.

Go to Federal Business Opportunities (Links to an external site.), BidSync (Links to an external site.), or an alternative approved source.

You may be required to register. Instructions are located at the site within the documentation.

  1. Once at the website, you will enter your search criteria for the state and type field for a solicitation.
  2. Search for opportunities within a recent 90-day period and select any opportunity of interest to you.
  3. Include the solicitation number, requestor’s name, RFP type, product or service being requested, and contract award date.
  4. Analyze the selected formal written proposal for structure, content, and unique requirements specific to the product or service being requested. Review the delivery methods, legal requirements, and other relevant points for consideration to be included as appropriate to the RFP.

Content Instructions

Your written analysis must have a minimum of 12 pages but must not exceed 15 pages in length, and should include the items below.

  1. Overview: Write a one-page a summary of the bid. (1 page)
  2. Background Statement and Scope of Work: Your analysis will need to include an assessment of what is needed and perhaps why it is needed. Each of these two sections will be 3-5 pages
  3. Key Resources: List the resources required for the project and provide your analysis of their significance to the project (why is the resource needed for the project). Key Resources should also include any subcontractors or partners. This section will be 3-5 pages.
  4. Management Plan: Provide a summary of the management plan along with your analysis (hint: apply PM concepts) (2-3 pages).
  5. Reference page (use APA format), include all textbook references as well.