1.you need to complete this task in strict accordance with the


  • Type of service:  Argumentative Essay 
  • Academic level: Undergraduate (3rd and 4th year)
  • Word count: 1500 words excluding references
  • Course name: PHI 145 Environmental Ethics
  • Citation style: MLA
  • Number of sources: 4
  • Project Title/Topic:
  • Discussion Paper

Paper details/Instructions:

Dear writer,

The primary guideline of the paper is in the file PHI 145 1st Paper. docx.

For the article, take a strong position and argue for that position, define that concept first and explain what is your position, and why you take that position? The most important in the paper is comparing the positon against its opposite position. Why the taking place is better ? Offer the objection to the opposite position.

For example, Biocentrism vs Anthropocentrism.

The first one means people should behave in ways that in order of getting the greatest for the whole ecosystem. Anthropocentrism is that every policy should aim to benefit human first. Which one looks more reasonable and right. other examples can be Individualism vs Holism/ scalar moral standing vs categorical

Cite four sources from the sources I provided. It must be suitable to support the arguments. I also attach the syllabus of this course.

Some materials I didn’t upload But you probably can find a pdf version online. i will try to uploaded you the materials later.

If you have any questions, please contact me soon.

Thank you.


1.You need to complete this task in strict accordance with the detailed Requirements/Guidelines.

2.Must be original works, to prohibit any copying or plagiarism.

3.If you have any question on this task, please feel free to contact us anytime.